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Picture on my L300 has an analog feel. How can I improve it?

I connected a 20" IPS LCD to L300. Picture quality is OK, but it has sort of analog feel.


Edges of letters are a bit blurred making text harder to read at 1600*1200 resolution. The colors are also not as strong as when the same display was connected with DVI to computer. The viewing experience is similar to what was in time of CRTs.


I presume this is because of the analog connection. Could be also that my Ethernet cables are quite long, about 100ft of cable from the server to the display with a router in the middle. I used the VGA cable that came with the display to connect to L300.


Is there any way that I could improve the image quality?


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Check to make sure that 1600x1200 is the native resolution of the monitor. If it isn't, then many of these issues are definitely expected and you will want to adjust the resolution accordingly.


If 1600x1200 is the native resolution, it is possible that the analog VGA connection will create a slightly lower image quality than a DVI (Digital) connection. However, the differences shouldn't be too drastic.


In addition, I don't believe that a 100' cable would make the difference you are speaking of.


If you can, try to get a different monitor model and test it out to see if there are any significant differences.