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When ncomputing launch x550 windows 8 64 bit driver?

When ncomputing launch x550 windows 8 64 bit driver?

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Dear Ncomputing,


Windows 8, in my opinon, is a very good operating system. It is much faster and more stable than Windows 7.


I own 10 PCs which is running on two X550's PCI cards. The main/master computer performs many tasks and boosts up faster than before when Windows 8 is installed.


Please support Windows 8 on X550. I am begging you. Don't give up on this great OS.


Thank you and best regards,

Lee Bon.




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I'm sorry but we've decided not to develop vSpace for Windows 8 on the X350/X550 platform. Since much of the industry is moving toward a more centralized model for management and cost reasons, we felt it best to enhance our Ethernet product offerings with the introduction of the M300 product last January and to move away from the directly connected solutions like the X350/X550 product line.  Additionally, with our L300/M300 and vSpace Client solutions you can get up to 100 seats per Windows OS which is many more than you could ever get with the X series product due to the limitations of the PCI bus.

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When Ncomputing launching support for u170 with windows 8?