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u170 and windows 7

I am trying to install vspace on a dell optiplex 380 running windows 7. I downloaded the latest software from NComputings software download section. I was able to register and everything. However, there is no VSpace Console.. My u170 won't even display, and I can't see what is going on, because I can't manage my vspace install. The only options I have are registration and update.. any ideas?

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Since there is no Console, only a NCTray now, your first step will be to reboot after vSpace install if you haven't already. Second, you will need to register vSpace and the U170, which happens in the same process. Third, check in Device Manager to see if the U170 is showing up there.


Basically, the U170 should have come up in trial mode but if not, registering is the first step we would normally take.


One question: is the Windows 7 edition you are using, Professional or above? If not, it won't work.