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CmdUpdate Failed install: HydraTS\HbHydraTS, getlasterror:0x2


On Monday, March 25, 2012 the server worked fine.  Tuesday, March 26, 2013 the following problem occurred.

I cannot connect to vSpace server number 3 from the Remote Workstation using the L-300.  The connection screen blinks twice then recycles back to the server choice screen.  The Remote Workstation can ping the server and the server can ping the Remote Workstation.  I have two other vSpace servers to which I can connect. 


All users are listed as users and remote users.  Of course, from the server I can login as any of the users.

I am using the latest software and Windows server 2008 R2.

I uninstalled vSpace and tried reinstalled it following your earlier directions. 

The following errors occurred:

CmdUpdate Failed install:  HydraTS\HbHydraTS,getlasterror:0x2

Failed Install:HTSATRAN.sys

Installing Drivers.Error:0


ByteSpeed Server, 64 bit

2.60 GHZ, 16 GB Memory, 600 GB Hard Drive



Windows Server 2008 R2 with current updates

McAfee Anti-Virus

Current Software for L300 and FW update (VER



Using Local and Novell for storage

Remote stations 11 L-300 using a Cisco Catalyst 3560 PoE-24 Switch with fiber to router

Six Printers are connected to the network but only 2 are used with vServers

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I just had a customer who had this problem, it was resolved by a combination of a few different things:

After getting the error, the following steps were taken:

uninstall AV

turn off firewall

Logging in as a local admin

Deleting the vspace folder created in program files

Rebooting, deleting the vspace folder in program files (if you could not delete it before)


Try the install again.

I am not sure which of the above steps resolved the issue, hopefully this will help narrow it down for folks. If anyone narrows it down further, please share that info. Thanks!



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