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L300 devices not registering
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Hi, we have deployed 25 L300 devices on a new site and most of them have Registered status in the console, 3 are not registering, all devices are running latest firmware 1.6.0

vSpace version is latest as well


What do we need to do to get these 3 devices registered?

Can anyone help?



When viewed in the console the 3 devices are showing 'Not Registered', but when an active session is running on any of these devices and you click on the Sessions section of the console and then into the actual session it shows status as 'Registered' - does this mean there isn't an issue?

How do you refresh the main Devices part of the console, is there a way to reset it?



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Same problem here.

3 terminals that are listed as connected in the console but not wanting to register.

In the registration wizzard no connected devices are listed.

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The quickest workaround for this issue is to refresh the device list by using the Search Settings option and changing the search range and then back to what it was originally. Once the list refreshes the list should be accurate for that refresh.
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There are a couple of things you can try to get these devices registered. First, ensure that background hardware activation is enabled on the vSpace server that these L300s are connecting too. If this does not cause them to activate, connect the L300s and run the vSpace registration wizard. Follow the onscreen prompts, screen four should list the serial numbers of your connected-unregistered devices, if they are not listed make certain that they are connected. Continue through the onscreen prompts until finished.


More detailed information on all registration options is available in the user manual here:


Let me know if this helps.

Let me know if you need anything, I am here to help.