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Re: vSpace software is corrupted. Please reinstall it

Sorry Frank for the frustration,


I have had the same experience before and it was not very interesting. One of my hosts was attacked by a virus and kept displaying the above message. The only diffrence is my host had Windows XP SP3. After cleaning and getting rid of the Virus, I tried all the options of completely removing VSpace software and reinstalling it but I did not seem to get anywhere near a workable solution.


This is because immediately I did a successful reinstallation of VSpace, voila 'VSpace Software is Corrupted. Please reistall it'!


So having tried all the solution as above, I decided to do it the tedious way......FORMATTED and REINSTALLED WINDOWS :smileymad:


It worked and the host has been up and working well for over a Year.......


I am really sorry but this might be one of the solutions thought a tedious one.





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Re: vSpace software is corrupted. Please reinstall it



Thanks for the consoling message.  It's good to know I'm not alone in experiencing this.  


I'm very reluctant, though, to reinstall the server OS.  I have hundreds of applications installed and it would be a major hit to reinstall them all, even if I still have the sources to do it.


My AV has not reported a virus in the relevant period, but I guess it could have been removed without my seeing it.  Or it could still be there undetected.  I'll try a more thorough scan.


Do you think the problem lies in the Registry?  It ought to be fixable if we had enough information about what the entries should be.


Thanks again for your help - Frank

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Re: vSpace software is corrupted. Please reinstall it

Frank - I inadvertently replicated this failure last night in my lab environment.  I was playing around with vSpace and I had renamed two files for some other testing I was doing.  They are called x300v01.col and x300v02.col and they are located in the Windows\System32 folder.  We had problems with AV software in the past moving, modifying, or deleting our files int he System32 folder so for the most part most of our code, with the exception of these two files, has been moved to the NComputing program folder.  


What I did last night was stop our MultiUserService service, rename these files and then rebooted, which would have restarted the MultiUserService automatically.  Immediately I got the notification that vSpace was corrupted.  Thus I thought I'd just shutdown our MultiUserService, rename the two COL files back, and restart vSpace but it was a no go.  No matter what I did, vSpace was still telling me it was corrupted.  I suspect there is something that happens with the programs signature related to those two files and once it's changed you're toast.  BTW - during the failure, I could no longer connect my L300.  It would connect, but the session would never fully start, it would stall with a black screen. 


What I finally did was uninstall vSpace, selected the option to remove the license when prompted, and then reinstalled with success.


Here's what I would do:

Uninstall vSpace, remove license when prompted.

Run the cleanupscript again just to be safe.

Scan your system for viruses

Uninstall current AV

Maybe install another AV and rescan too

Remove any remaining AV programs

Reinstall vSpace and see if it works


I apologize, this is not normal SOP to get the product running but there are so many variables on any given system sometimes you run into these issues.


Thanks for your continued patience


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Re: vSpace software is corrupted. Please reinstall it


That's a big step forward.  I'll try what you suggest and have a look at some other possibilities related to those files.  I found the files in question and went to rename them. I found access was not restricted, even when the two services are running, which suggests they might be duplicated elsewhere.

Whatever, I'm afraid I'm going to have to shelve the problem for now as I'm going on vacation for the holiday season and won't be back at my desk for a couple of weeks.  I haven't lost the will to solve it, just booked on flights to somewhere warm.

So many thanks for your help, have a good holiday and I'll get back to pursuing this in January.

 - Frank

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Re: vSpace software is corrupted. Please reinstall it

Hi, I need Where can I download it?


Cheers, Reto

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Re: vSpace software is corrupted. Please reinstall it

Call Tech Support and they will email to you without any issues.


Anyone have a solution for this vSpace corrupt issue?  I have installed my vSpace server several times over the weekend and the vSpace Server keeps getting corrupted.